State of Unrest

State of Unrest


The United States splits into three warring factions as its citizens choose sides in a national crisis over gun control. An unbending President matches wits with renegade Governors who decide to form their own governments and call-up their State Guard forces for combat.

Can a Secret Society stop a nation hell-bent on selfdestruction?

Bobby Wilson, J.D. is the author of the popular Bobby's Trials Chronicles: a true memoir of the deaths of his family – Bobby's Trials – and the memoir of a rough and tough trial lawyer – Renegade Barrister. Bobby is also the author of The John Q. Citizen Chronicles about Wall Street greed, State of Mind.



[A mentally disturbed teen has killed dozens of men, women, and mostly children at a Massachusetts Montessori school. The President and a compliant Congress have quickly taken advantage of public outage to pass sweeping gun-confiscation legislation. Can a secret band of patriots resist the passion of the moment?]

            Two weeks later, thirty-nine governors, gathered in the President's White House dining hall and enjoyed a superb meal of lobster and assorted dishes, washed down by fine wines and a champagne toast to the President for his efforts to bring everyone together to find a solution to the senseless mass murders in the United States that seemed to becoming everyday events.
            After dinner, the President rose and walked to the podium. The room grew quiet. "Honorable governors – thank you so much for coming to this special occasion. I realize that each of you has a very busy schedule and pressing business matters at home. The primary reason for this event is to encourage you to ask your legislatures' full cooperation in trying to put a stop, once and forever, to the senseless slaughter that never seems to end in this country. We have seen too many mass killings of our school children, their teachers and innocent citizens who were just going about their ordinary daily routines. The recent killings of our military personnel and even the shooting of a Congresswoman – all were needless and senseless. It has to stop!
            "The first step that I am proposing today is to outlaw the private ownership of handguns. I realize there will be strong opposition from the gun rights organizations. I also understand that the reason that some governors chose not to attend this meeting is because they do not support my plan and are more concerned about keeping their governorships and their supporters happy.
            "I am asking – no, begging – for your full support and requesting that when you return to your home states that you immediately call your legislatures into special session and submit our drafted Universal Pistol Ban Bill, aka: UPBB, to your legislatures for passage. I would like to see the same Act adopted by all or most of the states. I realize that some governors are not going to support me on this issue, but I believe a majority of the states will adopt our bill."
            "Mr. President," the governor of Ohio stood up, "How are you proposing to get around that Heller decision? It clearly says handguns are protected under the Second Amendment."
            "I realize what you are saying is true, but remember, the composition of the Supreme Court has changed; and with the recent confirmation of my last two justices – I strongly believe the Heller case is going to be overturned, or modified to the point that our proposed legislation will prevail in the courts."
            The governor of New Jersey spoke up – "How do you propose to handle the GRO? You know they are going to come at us like a pack of rabid dogs."
            "I understand Governor, there will be strong opposition – but my Cabinet and I have been working overtime on those matters and we think we have a workable plan to address those groups and keep them occupied and out of your hair. Trust me on that point."
            The governor of California rose and looked around the room – "Mr. President, we don't have enough law enforcement personnel now with all the budget cutting going on at the state levels. How the hell are the states going to have the financial resources to enforce such a ban on handguns?"
            The President smiled – "We have foreseen that problem and my Congress will see that all participating states will receive plenty of federal grant funds to pay and if necessary, hire more law enforcement personnel to enforce these new state laws. That is not a problem you need to be concerned with. I promise adequate funds will be made available as needed by the states."
            The governor of Massachusetts stood and spoke up – "Mr. President, we realize what you are proposing is going to be difficult for all of us and your office, and you are to be commended for having the intestinal fortitude to address this matter head-on. I will support you all the way, as will many of my fellow governors here today." A round of applause rang out and the meeting came to an abrupt end.
            The governor of Arizona excused herself from the assembly and walked down the hallway toward her waiting security team. She punched an unlisted phone number into her handheld. When an automated voice mail service answered, she quietly spoke into the small device – "Code Red, it's as bad as we suspected – even worse. Activate The Society."



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