Bobby's Trials

State of Mind

The big shots of the nation’s mortgage default crisis are killed by a mystery man who dares the government to convict him. While the mystery man stands trial, Congress members responsible for enacting the legislation that enabled the mortgage meltdown are murdered along with a former Treasury Secretary.

The country is in a political uproar as our leaders lose control to a Secret Society hell-bent on imposing their own brand of justice on the sponsors of our country’s financial crash. The mystery man and his Secret Society seem to be in complete control as the country hurdles toward a bloody uprising.



John Q. Citizen sat in his solitary confinement cell in the local federal detention center. His neighbors were mostly illegals who had the misfortune of being victims of ICE raids on local businesses. They would point and stare at him as the U.S. Marshalls paraded him back and forth to the Federal Courtroom of his Honor, Judge Cooke.

It was obvious from his first arraignment meeting that John and Judge were on a collision course.

Judge Cooke had volunteered an adequate team of defense lawyers to John Q. John Q.’s reply had startled the judge and amused the courtroom staff. It also made the local TV news and morning newspapers.

“Don’t expect me to be like that Tim McVeigh and be lead to my death like a damn sheep with his tail between his legs. I intend to fight this court and the system until my last breath, or as someone once said, 'Real change is coming.' I don’t want a team of high priced and useless lawyers like the government appointed McVeigh. They never even put him on the witness stand. How the hell could the jury understand his state of mind if he did not testify? I will give this court and the government notice – now, that I will be testifying and I will be going into my state of mind at the time I buried those sorry bastards in cow shit.”

"Another curse word in my court and I will have you gagged Mister. Understand?" The judge’s face was flushed.

John Q.’s expression never even changed. "Sure you will Judge, and I also demand a public trial with TV cameras and the general public allowed to view my trial. After all, this is America, Right?"

The judge's face slowly drained of color – he lowered his voice and leaned forward across his bench, "Mr. Citizen, what is your real name?"

John Q. rose quickly from his counsel table, so suddenly his chains and shackles rattled so loudly that the security team behind him pulled their nine-millimeter automatics, which they sheepishly, quickly, reholstered.

John Q.'s voice was defiant, "That’s my name, and I don't want any stinkin' lawyer appointed, and I want access to a well-equipped law library, and I plead 'Not Guilty!'"


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