Killing Timothy McVeigh

Bobby Wilson, J.D., uses his investigative skills to uncover the roles of both the FBI and al Qaeda in the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. In the middle of it all was Timothy McVeigh, who, caught in the resulting cats' cradle of terrorist plots and botched governmental involvement, paid the ultimate price.

Bobby Wilson explores the motives, the cover-ups, and the consequences of the bombing, and invites the reader to participate in his continuing investigation.

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State of Unrest

The United States splits into three warring factions as its citizens choose sides in a national crisis over gun control. An unbending President matches wits with renegade Governors who decide to form their own governments and call up their State Guard forces for combat.

Can a Secret Society stop a nation on course to self-destruction?


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State of Mind

The big shots of the nation’s mortgage default crisis are killed by a mystery man who dares the government to convict him. While the mystery man stands trial, Congress members responsible for enacting the legislation that enabled the mortgage meltdown are murdered along with a former Treasury Secretary.

The country is in a political uproar as our leaders lose control to a Secret Society hell-bent on imposing their own brand of justice on the sponsors of our country’s financial crash. The mystery man and his Secret Society seem to be in complete control as the country hurdles toward a bloody uprising.

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Bobby's Trials

A winner at the 2012 New England Festival of Books
for general non-fcition!

The incredible story of a poor teenage Oklahoma farm boy who was charged with murdering his mother and sister in cold blood and then burning down the family home in a supposed attempt to cover up his crimes and his ten-year court battle to clear his name.

In the early morning hours of June 19, 1963, just four days before he was to leave for basic training, Bobby Wilson was awakened by his mother.

She held a loaded gun to his head and had a crazy, yet familiar, look in her eyes. Alongside his sister, Bobby had suffered her rants for years, but tonight was different. Bobby knew without a doubt that the demons that his mother had struggled with for years had their sights on him...

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Renegade Barrister

In 1973 when I started practicing law – the country was in anti-war mode, with widespread demonstrations. Most law graduates, including myself, did not want to work for the large law firms or corporations and certainly not for “the government.” We were an idealistic bunch – wanting to help the down trodden and helpless masses. The great anti-poverty movements were active and growing.

I soon discovered that good deeds and free legal services do not pay salaries or office rent and had to settle down and try to earn a living and support myself, my family and my staff.

My law practice was a general practice – and I never knew who or what was going to walk through our door next. A murder case, child custody matter, or some unsolved mystery. Some were minor cases – others were major cases that were to make new law in the State of Texas after review by some of the highest courts in the land.

In writing this book, which is as much about what happened to some of my fortunate and unfortunate clients as happened to me – I try to tell their unusual stories in layman’s language and how their experiences with our legal system changed all our lives.

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